Wow! Cruz Spokesman Can’t Name a Single District Where Cruz Will Pick Up Delegates in New York (Video)

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is supported by 60% of Republican voters in the Empire State.
Trump leads Ted Cruz by 46 points in his home state!
trump ny

On Thursday Cruz national campaign spokesman Ron Nehring couldn’t name one district where Ted Cruz will pick up delegates in New York state.
ron nehring

Bill Hemmer: I want to know how you stop Donald Trump. Where do you win delegates on New York on Tuesday?

Ron Nehring: Well, ultimately as we go forward we’re in about the fifth inning of a nine inning game. Donald Trump is going to do very well in his home state of New York. He should do well in there. Even John Kasich won his home state of Ohio.

Nehring couldn’t name a single district where Cruz will pick up delegates in New York.
Tuesday is going to be a difficult night for the Cruz campaign.
Via America’s Newsroom:

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