Uncanny! “Ted Cruz’s Long Lost Sister” an Internet Sensation

ted cruz sister
A woman on the Maury Show who resembles Ted Cruz started an internet frenzy. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reported:

A woman who shares striking similarity to Ted Cruz made an appearance on the Maury talk show, prompting an internet frenzy.

The screen grab of the woman who many said resembles Republican presidential candidate Cruz was posted online by a Reddit user.

Not long after the photo was posted, Twitter users began circulating cruel comments with most of them suggesting the woman looked like Cruz in ‘drag’.

Others said the woman could be Cruz’s long lost sister.

An Instagram account for the show also posted the photo with the caption: ‘Ted Cruz @cruzforpresident in drag on Maury?

‘The Lie Detector Test determined…that was a LIE! Ted’s NOT that SEXY! #PrimaryDay #Maury.’

The photo was also posted on the Maury Show’s website as the ‘pic of the day’.

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