Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Bloody Trump Supporters, Throw Rocks, Smash Car Windows at CA Rally

Hundreds of mostly Latino anti-Trump protesters bloodied Donald Trump supporters, threw rocks at cars and smashed windows on vehicles–including police cars–following a huge campaign rally by the leading Republican presidential candidate in Costa Mesa, California Thursday night.

“Dozens of protesters have taken to the streets in #CostaMesa”

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond posted a photo of a Trump supporter who was punched in the face:

“A @realDonaldTrump supporter just got punched in the face as a scuffle broke out in the street:”

Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce posted several photos to Twitter about the violence:

“Trump supporter got hurt.”

“Costa Mesa, now.”

“Back window has been smashed out of a Costa Mesa police cruiser. Protester: “I think Donald Trump did it!””

“Couple hundred people here blocking the streets outside Trump rally. Mostly younger. Almost entirely Latino/Latina.”

Mary Carreon of OC Weekly reported on a death threat made by an anti-Trump protester from Mexico:

“”If trump wins, civil war will happen and I’m coming after you first,” says a Mexican to a blonde with fake boobs. “I’m ready for you bitch””

That drew a comment that relayed a threat of machete attacks by Mexicans if Trump wins:

“@marykayyy @marymad yesterday a well conected Mexican artist said to me that if Trump wins Mexicans would start hacking Americans w Machetes”

Jim Dalrymple II of Buzzfeeed posted video of anti-Trump protesters trying to flip a police car.

Gina Ferazzi of the Los Angeles Times posted video of a mob anti-Trump Latino men attacking passing vehicles:

“#Trump protesters getting violent. Throwing debris at cars driving by”

Ruben Vives of the Los Angeles Times reported on rocks being thrown by the anti-Trump protesters:

“Be warn rocks are being thrown at motorists near on ramp to 55 fwy on Newport Blvd. #CostaMesa”

“New group of protesters have emerged at Fair Drive and Newport Blvd. Some threw rocks at two police cars.”

Eric Luttrell of KSEE/KGPE posted an overhead photo of the protesters facing off against police:

“Trump protesters clash in Costa Mesa. Live team coverage on the “Trump Effect” at 11.”

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