VIDEO=> Wackjob Student Activists Overrun PSU Board Of Trustees Meeting

vlcsnap-2016-04-03-13h37m38s132The Portland State University Board Of Trustees attempted to hold their quarterly meeting on Thursday, March 31st.

The wackjob students from the PSU Student Union (PSUSU), Black Student Union (BSU), Students United For Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), and other cultural marxist groups crashed the meeting.

They assembled out in the hallway, putting duct tape over their mouths to symbolize that they were being silenced. Yet the trustees’ board meeting started off with open comment period, where anyone could come up and speak to the board. Five students chose to speak in this formal setting. The board then heard some comments from Olivia Pace of the BSU and Dana Ghazi, President of the Associated Students of PSU, the formal student body group.

Then the commie mob decided to straight up take over the meeting, calling for “MIC CHECK” while they all started shouting random drivel. The board members fled, and campus security monitored the situation yet did nothing.

Olivia Pace went on another unintentionally hilarious monologue, filled with random, incoherent commie term word soup. Can someone please translate this into English? Does anyone speak Wackjob?

“I’m with the Student Labor Action Project, the first, and only, student labor action project ran by women of color… Our message in SLAP is that diversity, no matter how plentiful, does not equal equity. A task force which examines issues of race on campus is not going to change the fact that, while all of us who are working on this campus, are student workers, are making below minimum wage, that is still disparately, turn people of color, specifically women, a teach in on Islamophobia does not change the fact that if violent suppression exists against muslim students at this university, that is not going to be taken the same way as if they were hurting somebody’s precious white child… The idea that diversity can mean equity creates a climate of violence on campus. Once people in the community and people (???) on the board, they start to ignore the problems and our bodies become solely for profit and we are not safe anymore.”

Then you have this muslim student who says she’s going to get gunned down by whitey. “I am black and muslim, and this school is pretty much 70% white, and I will be targeted” after saying the uni is racist, and that she will die on this campus. Also something about $15 Now, because, stuff!

Then this Vietnamese transgender person-thing went on a rant, complaining that it is a “slave” “stuck” at PSU getting a college degree, after its mom escaped captivity in Vietnam in order to bring it to America. It goes on to shame a black campus security officer, and says it does not feel safe on campus. It complains that decades ago people were lynched in certain areas, and claims that is still happening today. It complains about a poster put up by the Students For Donald Trump group. It claims that it is a slave to the PSU Board of trustees. It admits that it is complicit “in the destruction of other countries.” It complains that it is a “colonial subject”, and complains that the US is the land of opportunity. It ends by saying that we need to “smash shit” and says “there are more people that are enslaved now than you think.”

Also featured was PSU’s most infamous commie, saying “I’m drowning in over $60-80,000 of debt… And you know what? I’m not paying that shit off! We know this corrupt, decadent, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy, hetero patriarchy, doesn’t give a shit about any of us who are pushing back against it… Because until the system is smashed, nobody that doesn’t look like me can have any fair chance in this society, and we know that. So until the system is smashed, it’s gunna stay the same… This is a corrupt capitalism system. Don’t feel the Bern, don’t fall for Hillary’s BS… “

Also featured was a middle aged SJW, who complains that students in the business and engineering programs get new building, while the SJWs majoring in gender and race studies are left with a free 60 year old building. Her child is transgendered, and she’s worried about kids who aren’t white or cis-gendered when police confront them during a protest or other action. She ends by telling the students to “bother those in power”.


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