Video: Anti-Trump Protesters STEAL, TORCH American Flag at CA GOP Convention

Leftist anti-Donald Trump protesters stole and then set ablaze an American flag taken from a Trump supporter outside the California Republican convention at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame on Friday that featured a speech by the leading GOP presidential candidate.

Trump protesters burn American flag Twitter AJPlus

Video posted online shows a black-clad protester carrying a large American flag on a wooden post running back in to the welcoming arms of his fellow protesters. The man was followed in to the crowd by a man wearing a white American flag themed shirt who tried to wrestle the flag back. He apparently may have been temporarily successful, but moments later the American flag on the wooden post is seen being set on fire on the ground while an anti-American, anti-capitalism speech is given by a protester through a bullhorn to a surrounding crowd of anti-Trump protesters.

“People around pro Trump supporters. Strong line around hotel. Flag stolen.”

“”This represents slavery, colonialism, genocide, oppression.” Protesters take flag from Trump supporter and burn it.”

“Clip of us nearly getting caught in violence outside hotel during #TrumpProtest.”

“Protestors burning #American flag”

“Some protesters just burned an American flag outside of CA GOP event:”

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