BREAKING VIDEO=> Michelle Fields ‘Stalks’ Trump at Presser Before Alleged Lewandowski Incident

Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was videoed coming between an apparent Secret Service agent and Trump adviser Dan Scavino to stand directly behind leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he spoke to reporters in an impromptu gaggle before the start of his GOP primaries victory press conference on March 8 in Jupiter, Florida.


Later that evening after the press conference was over and Trump walked though the room on his way out, Fields would accuse Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of roughly grabbing her by the arm and nearly throwing her to the ground as she tried to pose a question to Trump. Fields subsequently filed charges against Lewandowski. Lewandowski presented himself for processing on March 29 after Jupiter police decided to charge him with battery.


Trump Jupiter Surveillance
Image from security camera by Jupiter police via the Daily Mail.

The video is important because anti-Trump ‘conservatives’ have waged a Leftist-style assault on Daily Mail reporter David Martosko over his report on March 29 that Fields was warned by Trump’s Secret Service detail after she twice made “physical contact” with Trump before the alleged incident with Lewandowski.

While the twenty-five second video clip does not show Fields touching Trump, it does show her breaking the informal security buffer surrounding Trump–something she would be seen on video doing later during the now famous alleged incident involving Lewandowski in which Trump can be seen recoiling from Fields as she closed in on him and apparently touched him yet again.

The earlier video was filmed by reporter Kathleen Walter of WPEC-TV who attended the press conference. In the video, Trump is standing in the foyer of the ballroom at his Trump National Golf Club Jupiter. Trump is commenting on the early returns, noting that he had done “great” in Mississippi and was doing “fantastically” in Michigan. Trump asked when the polls closed in Michigan indicating that the video was filmed before the start of Trump’s press conference.

Fields walks up behind Trump and moves up to stand directly behind Trump–between Scavino and a man who appears to be a Secret Service agent who eyeballs Fields. Fields is holding out a smartphone in front of her. In the short clip Fields is not seen asking Trump a question. The video clip ends with Fields still standing right behind Trump.


[email protected] explains success in Mississippi and Michigan: “they like me” @CBS12″

The Daily Mail’s David Martosko was viciously attacked on Twitter this week by anti-Trump ‘conservative’ media personalities (and some Leftist reporters) for his report that Fields was warned to stop touching Trump. Martosko said his source was an agent on Trump’s Secret Service detail at the press conference.

Martosko’s article carried the headline: Trump MOCKS reporter who claimed campaign manager battered her as he acts out her initial statements while insisting he won’t fire anyone following criminal charge – after Secret Service agent says journalist touched The Donald first

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a member of Trump’s U.S. Secret Service detail told on Tuesday that Fields made physical contact with Trump twice – and was warned by agents to stop – before Lewandowski grabbed her arm to pull her away from the billionaire.

‘She crossed in between agents and our protectee after being told not to,’ said the agent, who was present that night in Jupiter.

The video by Kathleen Walter shows that what Martosko reported was definitely possible–and given what is seen on the later incident involving Fields and Trump most likely true.

A sampling of Martosko’s replies to his attackers from anti-Trump ‘conservatives’ and Leftist reporters.

This Gateway Pundit contributor attended the Trump press conference on March 8 and was mere feet away when the alleged attack on Fields took place. There was no outcry or commotion seen or heard.

This photo by Kathleen Walker shows yours truly, blond head bowed hard at work before the presser began.

This photo taken at about the same time is from the area where the alleged incident took place. Yours truly can be seen seated directly behind the red velvet rope line as CNN’s Sara Murray, in blue, does a stand-up report.

The Gateway Pundit is apparently the only outlet that has audio and video of Lewandowski in action that night. He can be seen politely but firmly ending post-presser questions after Trump paused his exiting to take a question from Sara Murray.

It was just seconds later that the alleged incident took place.

Afterward, there was no buzz in the ballroom among the press about the alleged incident. No one was talking about a reporter being roughed by the Trump campaign. It was as if it didn’t happen.

In the security video released by Jupiter police, your truly can be seen at top center left, back to camera, talking to NBC News reporter Ali Vitali.

Vitali later posed for a photo with colleague Jeremy Diamond with CNN.


Compilation video posted to YouTube by “Richard Miles” on April 1 shows Fields maneuvering around Secret Service cordon to get to Trump. Video also highlights contradictions in her tale.

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