Vandals Deface St. Mary Statue in Massachusetts AND PAINT ALLAH AT ITS BASE

St. Mary statue

A statue of St. Mary in Massachusetts was recently vandalized with black spray paint and the perpetrator also spray painted the word “Allah” in Arabic at the statue’s base.

This is the second time this has happened in Massachusetts recently.

Jihad Watch reported:


Massachusetts: Another Virgin Mary statue defaced, “Allah” painted in Arabic on its base

“It’s disrespectful to every religion.” No, it isn’t. It is most likely a member or members of one faith being disrespectful to another. But because the disrespected faith is so very, very solicitous of the likely faith of the perpetrators, no one involved is likely to speak about this honestly — if they ever even realize that the painters wrote “Allah” (الله) at the base of the statue.

This one took place on Good Friday, three or four days before another incident of vandalism of a Virgin Mary statue in Massachusetts.

“Virgin Mary statue vandalized at Norwood parish,” by Reenat Sinay and Alexandra Koktsidis, Boston Globe, March 27, 2016 (thanks to Vicki):

A statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Norwood was vandalized with black spray paint on Good Friday, the most sacred day of the year for Catholics.

The body of the statue, which depicts the Blessed Mother with praying hands, was covered in paint. Graffiti was scrawled beneath a plaque that reads “To Jesus Through Mary,” on the base of the statue, which stands in a garden outside the parish school.

The Rev. Stephen Donohoe, the pastor of St. Catherine, called the incident “a sad act of vandalism,” but asked parishioners to pray for whoever defaced the beloved figure.

Had someone done this to a mosque, our liberal media would be decrying it as proof of Islamophobia in America.

When it comes to Christianity however, they don’t care.


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