Unreal. Missouri GOP Defends Stealing Delegates from Donald Trump for Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

The Missouri GOP held county caucuses last Saturday to elect delegates to attend the state convention in Branson, Missouri on May 20th and 21st.
Donald Trump won Missouri and was awarded 25 delegates to 15 for Ted Cruz.

The Cruz people want to make sure their supporters replace Trump delegates to the national convention. They are actively working to thwart the will of the people of Missouri.

Now we have proof that the Cruz camp is cheating in Missouri too.


St. Louis television and radio host Jamie Allman sent this to TGP earlier this week.

On Saturday Maryland Heights township elected delegates to the state convention.
#8 is a Donald Trump supporter Susan Mogley-Schenberg.
stl list first

But the Cruz supporters switched out Susan and replaced her with Barbara Wright – a Cruz supporter.
allmann document 2

The Missouri Republican Party told area reporters their tactics were appropriate and that the rules have been out there for months.

They’re defending their actions.
Stupid Trump supporters!
FOX 2 Now reported:

Chris Howard is a Ted Cruz supporter. He represents the 15th senate district as a G.O.P. state committeeman.

He says delegates are typically republicans who have been involved with building the party for several years, and says no one is “stealing” delegates.

“The idea that somehow these rules appeared isn’t true,” said Howard. “They’ve been out there on the party’s website for months.”

The Missouri Republican Party says there is a formal contest process in place should anyone feel a delegate switch has taken place, and the party say it is not aware of any such incident.

Some Trump supporters feel the rules are being used this year to keep their candidate from winning.

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