TUCKER CARLSON: GOP Elites and Donors Can’t Pick the Nominee – Voters Make the Decision (VIDEO)

FOX News host and contributor Tucker Carlson weighed in on the current state of the Republican race for president.

Carlson argues that Kasich is living in a fantasy world if he believes he can be the nominee after winning only one state.

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Tucker Carlson: Governor Kasich can stay in the race as long he likes… What I object to is pretending that he can be the nominee.

The only way that John Kasich can be the nominee is if he is placed into that spot without regard to what voters did in over 50 state elections. That’s inherently an anti-democratic position. I think it alienates the voters. And I do think it’s an offense against the common assumption we have that these races are decided by ordinary voters and not by donors.

The truth is the expectation of almost everyone in the country is that voters make that decision. There’s a legitimacy that comes with the nominee that comes from only one place, not whether he will win in November. That’s not a factor. It’s whether people want him to be the nominee. They express that desire through voting. If you overturn that. If you pretend it doesn’t matter you are tampering with something very basic in America… which is I can vote in America. If you tamper with this you are inviting more volatility…

…There are a lot of Republicans in Washington DC who don’t want the party to change. I get it. But it’s out of their control. Political parties exist only to serve the interests of the people who support them. That’s the only reason you have a political party… To forestall change the party may bring in somebody who can hold that off. Again, if they do, they risk causing a rift not just in the party but in American society…

… It can’t be one of the three because to bypass the first two in favor of a third, a man who’s won only his home state is to say once more the will of donors matters more than the will of voters. It ought to be obvious.

Watch the whole thing.
This was excellent.


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