REPORT: Trump Supporter’s Car Gets Vandalized BY A BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER

BernieBro Slashes Tire

It looks like Bernie supporters aren’t big on private property if the object in question belongs to a Trump supporter. One poor guy had his tire slashed and his car vandalized and the perpetrator admitted it in the police report.

The Danger and Play blog reported:

Trump Supporter has Tire Slashed, Car Vandalized by BernieBro (Police Report)

The police report reads:

“I on the 11th day of the 4th month of 2016 did maliciously attack a hate symbol protected by free speech. After disturbing the vehicle and dumping rotten food into the interior I feel I have improved the community and supported our nations values by stopping a promoter of hate speech. I do not wish to have ignorant bigots in my town and in a just world the person deserved what was received. The situation is made whole. As America is far from just, I expect the bigot will want to be made whole. With this I declare he is owed nothing. But as the situation is what it is, I intent to make individual whole provided he cease to promote ignorance and hate. I do not expect the law to recognize damage to tools of hate or racism, such things need to be destroyed so good people may remain and become free.

Well that’s just lovely, isn’t it?



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