TRUMP RESPONDS to Cruz-Kasich Alliance: “I Was Happy – It Shows How Weak They Are” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is a lover nor a hater.
He spoke out about the Cru-sich alliance Monday at his pre-election rally.
trump love not hate

Today at his rally in Warwick, Rhode Island Donald Trump responded to the reports of a Cruz-Kasich #NeverTrump alliance.

Trump said he was glad to hear about it. “It shows how weak they are.”


Did you see where they banned together, where they collude. It’s collusion. You know if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market they put you in jail. But, in politics, because it’s a rigged system, because it’s a corrupt enterprise, in politics you’re allowed to collude. So they colluded. Actually, I was happy. Because it shows how weak they are.

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