Trump NY Co-Chair Carl Paladino: Republicans Should Stay Home if GOP Elites Steal Nomination (VIDEO)

Donald Trump campaign distributed 28,000 tickets to tonight’s rally in Buffalo, New York tonight.

Trump New York Co-Chair Carl Paladino told Neil Cavuto if GOP elites try to take the nomination from an outsider candidate he will encourage Republican voters to stay home.
paladino gop elites

Paladino went on with Trump-basher Neil Cavuto on Monday.


If it’s not the people’s choice then these Republican leaders should be driven from the party. And the only way to do this is to stay home and put the Republican party to bed once and for all. They don’t own it. It’s not there’s. It belongs to the people. They have no choice. If they fool around with Rule 40.B, it’s wrong. We all know that. The people know that. And their reaction.

Via Your World:

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