Donald Trump Doing Better than Hillary – Sanders and Cruz EliminaTED

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Hillary and Bernie

As we previously predicted, as of Tuesday night, April 26th Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were officially eliminated from winning their respective nominations outright.

After sweeping all five primaries on Tuesday – Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania – Donald Trump has 950 delegates, Ted Cruz has 560 delegates with 622 remaining. Our April 2nd projections for Trump and Cruz were very close to the actual numbers today.


On Trump, Cruz, Sanders and Hillary –

** Trump leads with 23 primary wins

** Trump leads in states won with 26 victories (primaries and caucuses)

** Trump has the highest percentage of primary wins (85% )

** Trump has the highest percent of overall state wins (68% )

** Trump has the highest percent of primary delegates (71% )

** Trump has the highest percent of overall delegates (63% )

** And Trump leads with the highest percent of overall votes (59% )

 Delegate Count 4-26 Rep and Dem

Charts by Joe Hoft (data from RealClearPolitics)

(Note although not noted at caucus wins for Cruz in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, Sanders in Maine, Alaska and Washington and Hillary in Iowa and Nevada were added to these results. These states show no winners currently in the RCP data. If these caucus wins were not added to the data, Trump would be even further ahead in the areas mentioned above.)

Donald Trump continues to outshine all the candidates while competing against 16 primary opponents.

To date, the Democratic race has been tighter than the Republican race based on wins and delegates. (However, the Democrats also have super delegates which are highly in Hillary’s favor at 519 to 39 for Sanders which are not included in the current totals.)

Please Note: Hillary lost Rhode Island yesterday to Socialist Sanders. Some pundits are calling for Bernie to step out of the race, but he is actually doing much better than Ted Cruz on the Republican side with more wins, votes and delegates.

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