More Tricks=> Megyn Kelly Smears Donald Trump with Nasty Hand Picked Images During Anti-Trump Segment

The liberal media likes to portray Republicans as vile, nasty creatures in their reports and often uses angry photos of the Republican to subconsciously reinforce their argument.
The MSM would pull this trick often with former Vice President Dick Cheney.
dick cheney

FOX News host Megyn Kelly is now employing this technique in her reports on Donald Trump.

Last night in her latest Trump-bashing segment the FOX News host ran nasty, angry pictures of Trump in the background.
megyn kelly trump


As The News Commenter said,

“Megyn Kelly and the people behind her production are out to get Donald Trump! There’s no other way to put it. Just look at the images they used in her segment with Rich Lowery and former senator Scott Brown. You don’t pick photos like these on accident.”

This doesn’t happen by accident.

Via The News Commenter:

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