TOP CRUZ SUPPORTER and #NeverTrump Leader: Trump Supporters Have Failed at Life

Face it, Trump supporters – The Republican elites and Cruz supporters hate you.
You’re just not bright enough or clever enough to be part of their exclusive club.

The Middle Class is the base of the Republican Party.
Middle Class districts vote Republican by a 2-1 ratio.

But the GOP Elites HATE the Middle Class, the Working Class – because Middle Class voters staunchly support Donald Trump for president.


Last month #NeverTrump leader Erick Erickson, the founder of RedState, attacked Trump supporters saying “true Evangelicals” who go to church do not vote Trump.

This week Erickson called Trump supporters losers in life.
erickson losers

Got that?
And these offensive GOP leaders will be the same ones who demand Trump supporters endorse their candidate Ted Cruz if he steals enough delegates.

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