SICK! Ted Cruz: ‘Politicians Who Will Not Stand with Police Officers Have Forgotten Who We Are’ – Forgets He Stood With Violent Anti-Trump Mob

Senator Ted Cruz told reporters yesterday that when politicians don’t stand with police officer “they have forgotten who we are.”

“The actions of Mayor Bill Deblasio that every time there is a confrontation between criminals and police officers the liberal Democrats side with the criminals, and the rioters and the robbers… That’s an example of how the liberal politicians have forgotten who we are.”

Ted forgot to mention that he stood with the violent rioters at the Chicago Trump rally.

On March 11 hundreds, possibly thousands of anti-Trump fascists shut down Trump’s Chicago rally.


Police were attacked and bloodied outside the arena.

Ted Cruz stood with the mob and rioters.
Cruz sided with the radical leftists saying:

‘When the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face, the predictable consequence of that is that is escalates. Today is unlikely to be the last such incidence.’

But today he’s standing with the police.

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