Ted Cruz Doubles Down – Trashes New Yorkers During Rally at Christian College (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz doubled down today and trashed New Yorkers and New York values during a campaign stop in upstate New York.

Cruz spoke at the Makeel Christian Academy which explains the line outside to get in to see him.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz trashed New York and New York values again during his speech.


The media are very comfortable with a New York liberal who has supported Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, for decades. And they really want to see a general election between two New York liberals who agree on Washington being the center of the universe.”

Lyin’ Ted was just spouting off talking points again not based in fact.
Has Donald Trump ever said he wants Washington DC as the center of the universe?

Of course, the Cruz camp will let this lie just slide on by.

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