Sweden: ISIS Is Openly Recruiting at Employment Centers in Malmo

Swedish officials found ISIS graffiti on the wall of a school in February.
allah or die
The graffiti warned, “Joined ISIS or die,” and included an ISIS flag.

Now ISIS is openly recruiting in Malmo, Sweden.
isis malmo

Speisa.com reported:


Among job seekers at the Employment Service in Malmö, ISIS has openly tried to enlist Muslims to join the terrorist group.

There are indications that there were attempted recruitment for the terrorist organization, confirms Per Ola Persson, security manager at the Employment Service, to the local newspaper Sydsvenskan.

After the recruitment attempts, the security department reported the information to the Police Security Service, the newspaper writes.

Suspicions began in the autumn.
According to Sydsvenskan, staff of the Public Employment Service Offices in Malmö discovered that a man sought contact with clients in the office. The man made contact with unemployed Muslims and gave them IS-propaganda, and among other things, pressured a man of African origin.

Both customers and staff reacted to the recruitment, which happened openly and without any attempt to hide the intentions.

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