Spoiler Alert=> New Cruz Ad Imagines Clinton War Room Cheering on Trump (Video)

Donald Trump won New York State on Tuesday with 60% of the vote.

He is leading every poll leading up to next week’s east coast primaries.

Donald Trump currently has more delegates than Ted Cruz and John Kasich combined.
gop count
Any delegate sharing to top 1,237 would have to include Donald Trump.


Ted Cruz will be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright by April 26th. He will likely fall to third place in next week’s contests, too.

Cruz needs two out of every three delegates next Tuesday to stay alive but he is way behind Trump in polling and currently in 3rd place in some of these states and therefore will be done Tuesday per data from RCP.

So Ted Cruz is essentially playing spoiler for Donald Trump.
Today Cruz released a new ad imagining the Clinton War Room cheering on Trump.

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