SHOCKER: Arabic Has Already Replaced Finnish AS SWEDEN’S SECOND LANGUAGE

Swedish flag

This is what happens when a nation lets progressives handle their immigration policy. The left allows in so many people from one region that they quickly begin to dominate.

The Daily Mail reports:

Arabic overtakes Finnish to become the second most common language in Sweden after migrant influx

Arabic is set to become the second largest first language in Sweden, with Finnish being overtaken for the first time in history.

Finnish has been the most commonly spoken non-Swedish mother tongue for more than 1,000 years, but it is now set to come in third.

This is a result of an ageing Finnish-speaking population and the influx of migrants and refugees from Arabic-speaking nations in recent years, researchers say.

Finnish as the second largest language spoken in Sweden has deep roots in the history of both countries.

Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden for 560 years, until 1809 when Sweden effectively handed over the country to Russia as part of the peace deal that ended the Finnish War.

But even 150 years after after the separation, a large number of Finnish migrants continued to arrive in Sweden, and in 2012, an estimated 200,000 people had Finnish as a first language.

However, with native Finnish speakers ageing and the new generation of migrants coming from further afield, it is estimated that Arabic is due to take over in the next few years.

The left calls this diversity.

People with brains call it an invasion.


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