Sadly, Donald Trump Is Only Candidate to Sign Letter for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Members of the Remembrance Project who lost loved ones to illegal aliens joined DONALD TRUMP on stage tonight in Costa Mesa, California on Thursday night.

Donald Trump asked Jamiel Shaw to share a few words at the rally tonight. Jamiel Shaw, whose son was shot dead by an illegal alien, is supporting Donald Trump for president because he knows Trump will end illegal immigration.
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“For the first time since I lost my son in 2008 when I saw Donald Trump I had hope and saw real change.”

Jamiel Shaw is a former Democrat and says Donald Trump “was sent from God.”

Sadly, Donald Trump is the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who hears their cries.

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate to sign the letter in support of victims of illegal alien crime. reported:

It has been over one month since advocates for the families of victims killed by illegal immigrants issued an open letter to the Republican presidential candidates. The letter seeks their support for a new program which would provide aid to the families suffering from the loss of their loved ones.

So far, only one candidate has responded.

Maria Espinoza, co-founder and director of the advocacy group, The Remembrance Project, tells that Donald Trump is the only candidate whose office has responded to their open letter and that the candidate will support a national program to assist families of victims of illegal aliens. Espinoza says, “Their response was immediate and they have stated they will support our efforts in assisting our families.”

According to Espinoza, Senator Ted Cruz’s office acknowledged receiving their letter and passed it on internally within the campaign, but The Remembrance Project has received no further response.

The group also sent the letter to the Kasich and Rubio campaigns.

The open letter – dated March 14, 2016 – asks the candidates to support a program that would provide assistance for funeral, medical and legal costs for the families. The group asks that the candidate’s future administration would, “assist state and local governments in coordinating with appropriate social and legal agencies to provide needed assistance.”

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