Roger Stone Blames “Inexperienced” Trump Staffer” For WI Loss – Trump Still Strongest Candidate (VIDEO)

Roger Stone – Republican Political Consultant, Correspondent with The Daily Caller and Editor of – joined Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV to discuss Trump’s loss in Wisconsin and the primaries moving forward.

roger stone

Roger Stone: I think 1,237 is achievable. I do think it’s time to move into the trench warfare phase of the campaign. You need to recruit to your side the people who know the rules, who know the bodies, who know the leaders, who know the process. It’s the pain of enthusiastic but inexperienced first timers… Trump needs help. I mean the woman who ran his Wisconsin campaign initially ran his Oklahoma campaign. He lost Oklahoma. Prior to that she had no political experience or credentials whatsoever. Why would anyone hire someone like that?… There’s no doubt that he can still win. There is no doubt in my mind that he is still the strongest potential candidate against Hillary because of his fearlessness and his willingness to raise the issues Ted Cruz will not raise.

ViaNewsMax TV“> Newsmax TV:

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