REPORT: Bernie Sanders’ Wife May Have Steered BUSINESS TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS

Jane Sanders

Allegations of corruption against Bernie Sanders; wife Jane during her time leading Burlington College are beginning to pile up and the media refuses to address the story.

Heat Street just released this report:

Did Bernie Sanders’ Wife Steer Contracts to Friends and Family?

Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane, ran Burlington College from 2004 to 2011, eventually leaving as the small Vermont college came under financial pressure. Part of the reason for the school’s fiscal strain was a real-estate deal gone bad. Some local Catholic parishioners have now accused her of loan fraud in connection with the deal. (See details here .)

But there were other worrisome allegations against Jane Sanders from her time at the college. The Washington Free Beacon recently broke news that under Ms. Sanders’ leadership, the college enrolled students at a Vermont woodworking school run by Ms. Sanders’ daughter. Between 2009 and 2011, the college paid more than $328,000 to the woodworking school, Burlington disclosed in its tax filings.

And between 2009 and 2011, the school also spent more than $77,000 at a resort in the Bahamas owned by a board member who was also a friend and trusted adviser to Bernie Sanders, the college’s tax filings show.

Court records show students went on trips there, snorkeling and taking boat tours. reported that the same old friend, Jonathan Leopold, was a “key broker” on an ambitious acquisition of Roman Catholic diocese property that left Burlington in dire financial straits. (This Heat Street separate story delves into the allegations that Jane Sanders committed “loan fraud” as part of the purchase of this desirable property. )

Shortly after Ms. Sanders departed, taking a $200,000 severance package with her, Burlington College stopped spending money at both her daughter’s woodworking school and the resort owned by Leopold’s son.

There’s more here.


When is the media going to start reporting this?

Last fall, the Washington Post did a story about the traffic tickets of Marco Rubio’s wife.

Isn’t this a much bigger story?

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