VIDEO=> TRUMP SUPPORTER –Kicked, Punched, Assaulted, Forced to CLIMB OVER BUSHES to Escape Anti-Trump Mob

“F*ck you! You f*cking piece of sh*t! Immigrant rights!… F*ck you, you racist piece of sh*t!”
trump supporter roughed up

Anti-Trump open border goons kicked, punched, screamed at, and swarmed a Trump supporter on his way inside the California Republican Convention in Burlingame, California on Friday.
trump supporter beaten convention

At one point the Trump supporter screamed at the police, “Are you going to let me get beat up?


The man continued to get harassed and abused until he was backed into a row of bushes.
At that point he was forced to crawl over the bushes to escape the violent far left mob.
trump supporter bushes

Here is the raw video of the attack:

Here’s the FOX News coverage on this man’s assault.

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