Radical Feminist Gloria Steinem: Republicans Are CRAZY ULTRA RIGHT-WINGERS


The 1970’s radical feminist Gloria Steinem is still making her rounds in the world to spread her message that white men are terrorists, women are victims and Republicans are crazy, insane racists.

Spare Change News reports:

It felt like progress when, in the 2008 election, she was spoiled for choice. “[Clinton and Obama] were both wonderful, excellent, principled, caring candidates and they were almost identical on the issues so it wasn’t drastic in that sense,” said Steinem, who praised Obama as a feminist and Clinton as a civil rights activist. She chose to campaign for Clinton, writing in her memoir that, in the end, Clinton might have felt betrayed if she didn’t, whereas Obama wouldn’t.

“It was really about experience,” she added now. “She was way more experienced than Obama, and by experience, I mean with the ultra-right wing. We have a very crazy ultra-right wing that is now in control of the Republican Party and you can see in the first two years of the Obama presidency that he, being the decent, good person that he is, tried to reach out to the other side—and you can’t. If they had cancer and Obama had the cure, they wouldn’t accept it. I think had she been president we would not have wasted the first two years and there would have been a chance toward progress.

Gloria Steinem has so much contempt for Americans and men, you’d think she’d move to a country where they treat women better like Iran.


Oh wait…

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