Anti-Hillary Site Launched By Progressive Activist

Anti-Hillary Site

Democrats who think Bernie Sanders supporters are going to line up behind Hillary if she’s the nominee might be surprised to learn about a new website called Won’t Vote Hillary.

It was created by a progressive activist named Spencer Thayer.

Here’s the language on the home page:


Under no circumstances will I vote for Hillary Clinton.

The DNC and Clinton machine are using the same dirty tricks they used in 2008. Sign this pledge and send a message to the establishment that Democracy is not a plaything for the elite.

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Vote For Clinton

Hillary Clinton may be the DNC darling, but she should not be crowned the presidential nominee without popular consent. We the people cannot allow Clinton to win if we want to see a progressive White House. Clinton”s policies are center-right, she carries too much baggage and she has too many enemies to win the general election. Below is a list of reasons why Clinton is unelectable.

See the site here.

That doesn’t look like a unified party, does it?

(Featured image is a screen cap.)

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