Brussels Bombing Suspect Spent Time at Greek Refugee Camp Before Arriving in Belgium

Belgium police arrested a suspected ISIS terrorist today in Brussels.

Naim al Hamed, also known as Osama Krayem joined ISIS in Syria before returning to Europe as a war refugee.

Naim al Hamed, also known as Osama Krayem was arrested on Friday. He is suspected of being the second person “present at the time of the attack at the Maelbeek subway station. (CNN)


Deep in their article on Hamed’s arrest CNN reported that the Belgium terrorist entered Europe as a refugee and spent time on the Greek island of Leros.

CNN reported:

Krayem, has been described as “very dangerous and probably armed” in a bulletin circulated by French investigators to European security services hours after the Brussels attacks.

A French source close to the investigation into ISIS’ terror network in France and Belgium told CNN that European security agencies believe Hamed, or Krayem, had an operational role in the Brussels attack.

Krayem was a resident of Malmo, Sweden, and was known to Swedish counterterrorism services and suspected to have joined ISIS in Syria, Magnus Ranstorp, a Swedish counterterrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College, told CNN.

Krayem posted images of himself from Syria with automatic weapons and the ISIS flag, Ranstorp said. The final post he made on Facebook from Syria was in January 2015, Ranstorp said.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported last month that the 28-year-old’s DNA was found at the apartment in Brussels’ Schaerbeek district where the three airport attackers left from the morning of March 22.

Born on New Year’s Day 1988 in Hama, Syria, he — like at least two of the Paris attackers — is thought to have come to Europe, along with hundreds of refugees from war-torn nations, via the Greek island of Leros.

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