BREAKING=> TED CRUZ CHEATING Reported in North Carolina, Too

Donald Trump won North Carolina by 40,000 votes over Ted Cruz.
Trump won nearly every county in the state.
trump north carolina

But a TGP reader sent this email this morning.
The Cruz camp is stealing delegates in North Carolina too.

This was sent to TGP this morning:



I applied to be a delegate from North Carolina. It’s a selection process, which is this Saturday for the 4th district.
I just got a call from Cruz campaign, asking me if I plan to support Cruz. I told them I plan to support the nominee.
They said the vote hadn’t happened yet. I said the people voted already. He said but the delegate vote hasn’t happened.
Evidently they have a list of everyone that applied and only Cruz supporters will be chosen.
I know you probably can’t do anything, but I’m just disgusted with the blatant stealing of delegates.


The Cruz camp must think stealing is a Christian Conservative value?
Not sure where they learned that.


And the Cruz camp is stealing delegates in Michigan too.

The Cruz campaign is checking out who the potential delegates support so that they can vote against them in the district convention.

Trump delegates won’t even get to be delegates.

They can’t win the voters so they’re going to steal their way to the nomination!

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