SICK! National Review Editor BLAMES TRUMP SUPPORTERS for BLOODY MOB VIOLENCE at California GOP Rallies!

In the last 24 hours violent leftist mobs and Open Border thugs smashed police cars, bloodied Trump supporters, mugged Trump supporters, harassed Trump supporters, spit on Trump supporters, and stormed the GOP California Convention.

National Review Washington Editor Eliana Johnson blamed the Trump supporters for this mob violence.

eliana johnson trump hatred

Eliana Johnson: Well, one really important thing, Neil, is not to confuse where the bad behavior is coming from. Mr. Trump and his campaign have behaved badly in encouraging and fomenting violence inside their rallies. And, these protesters are behaving badly fomenting and encouraging bad behavior outside the rallies. The fact that there are protesters that are behaving badly does not dissolve the Trump campaign or Mr. Trump for what he’s done.

National Review has officially SWITCHED SIDES!


You’re no longer helping the conservative cause, Eliana.
Your hatred for Trump and his working class supporters has consumed you.

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