It’s Official: Ted Cruz, GOP Elites Support Tyranny – Spit on The People

Donald Trump stands with the people.
Ted Cruz stands with the party bosses.

ted cruz kim jong un

On Saturday Ted Cruz, with the assistance from GOP elites and billionaire donors, took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention. The party leaders gave all of the state’s delegates to Ted Cruz in a voter-less contest.

But it was not without controversy.
There never was a vote – Party elites decided on who got the delegates.


After Cruz swept the Colorado delegates the Colorado Republican Party tweeted this out:
colorado gop

On Monday Senator Ted Cruz showed his disdain for the voters by mocking Donald Trump.

Because it’s funny when the Republican apparatchiks steal all of the votes from the people.

Cruz can’t win at the voting booth so his minions have been stealing Trump delegates after the results are decided. And then Ted Cruz and the GOP elites celebrate their conquests and mock the people.

This is what tyranny looks like.

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