Migrant Brings Deadly Louse-Borne Relapsing Fever to German Refugee Hotel

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Over one million third world migrants will enter Europe this year. The migrants and refugees are bringing rare and deadly diseases to their new homeland. (CDC.gov)

A Somalian migrant housed at a luxury hotel in Salzburg converted into a refugee home was diagnosed with Relapsing Fever this week. The disease carried by lice causes high fever and intense pain.
The Local reported:

Health officials in Salzburg are on the alert after an asylum seeker staying in a luxury hotel converted into an refugee home was found to be suffering from a deadly disease spread by lice.

The man from Somalia had complained of intense pain and a high fever, leading to doctors being called out. On being taken to hospital, he was put in the intensive care ward on arrival and tests later confirmed he was suffering from the potentially deadly louse-borne relapsing fever, a rare disease spread by lice.

The asylum seeker had been given accommodation in the form of VIP Hotel Kobenzl in Salzburg, which had been converted to an asylum home to cope with the large number of refugees coming to the region.

Salzburg health officials quoted in local media said they had registered a growing number of diseases in asylum homes that until recently were thought to have died out in Europe. But the latest case caused particular concern.

Left untreated, the disease causes death in up to 40 percent of cases, and even if treated, still result in death of up to one in 20 of those infected.

Local health official Michael Hayback said that they had instantly ordered the man’s room quarantined as well, and disinfected, as well as various mattresses and other items that were destroyed.

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