Why Is the Media Not Reporting the Truth about Ted Cruz’s Miniscule Crowds?

Donald Trump held another record-breaking rally in Buffalo, New York on Monday.
The Trump campaign distributed over 28,000 tickets to his rally at the First Niagara Center.
trump buffalo crowd
An estimated 20,000 supporters filled the rally to see the GOP front-runner.

Donald Trump continues to draw thousands of supporters in rally after rally.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz held a rally Tuesday night with Carly Fiorina in Pennsylvania.
Only around 150 people turned out to see the Texas senator.
cruz event penn

You didn’t have to wait in line for hours to see Ted.

But you wouldn’t know this from the media reports.
FOX News and others aired clips from Ted’s speech but did not mention that only a 150 showed up.

On Wednesday Ted Cruz held a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Once again — only two or three hundred supporters turned out to see Ted.

There were less than ten rows of chairs.

So why is the media not telling the truth about the miniscule Ted Cruz crowds?

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