MORE LIES! Media Said Trump’s Milwaukee Rally Was Half-Empty — THEY LIED

All of the major candidates held rallies in Milwaukee yesterday and the mainstream media salivated at the possibility that Trump’s rally had low turnout.

Too bad it was all lies. Lucky for you, Jeremy Segal and I were there documenting for Rebel Pundit and we captured the truth.

First, ALL candidates had reduced turnout because of very cold weather in Milwaukee. Bernie had very reduced numbers and very small line for entry, but the media didn’t crow about that for some reason.


Second, Trump had a YUGE enthustiastic crowd. All of the shots MSM put out were taken more than 30-60 minutes BEFORE the first speaker in the warm up line up.

When I first put out tweets of the real audience size, I immediately received pushback from media people with an axe to grind against Trump.

Daily Mail US Political Editor, Dave Martosko:

I asked David to explain to me how my tweet was “deceptive” and this was his reply:

Oh, so it was only small relative to his other even Yuger rallies. Goal post moved!

Lastly, that wasn’t Trump’s only big audience in Milwaukee that night, and this is an important fact to consider. Trump arrived at his rally only minutes after leaving a PACKED HOUSE just down the street at another large theater where he taped an episode of the Sean Hannity Show. So Trump’s audience, which was already much larger than any of the other candidates, would’ve been even bigger had he not split his audience between two events just blocks from each other.

Now let’s take a look at the OTHER candidate’s rallies. Bernie held his 1 block away in the Milwaukee Convention Center.

Wow. SLEEPING ROOM ONLY. What excitement.

People would be forgiven for concluding the media are using a weather related event to cover up small crowds for their preferred candidates.

We’d show you images of Hillary’s Milwaukee rally, but nobody bothered to post any. What’s THAT tell you?

No wonder mainstream media approval ratings are lower than Congress!

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