Matt Drudge Goes Off on Colorado GOP: “Does George Bush Have to Invade Colorado to Make It a Democracy?”

Ted Cruz supporters took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention on Saturday to complete a clean sweep of the state.

But it was not without controversy.

The Cruz camp and GOP establishment leaders strong-armed their way to a sweep by banning Trump delegates and omitting them from the ballots… and listing Cruz delegates TWICE!

They even listed their candidates twice on the ballots.
cruz cheating


The liberal media and GOP establishment are defending this breach in voter trust calling this “good electioneering.”

One Trump delegate (379) was not listed on the ballot while a Cruz delegate (378) was listed twice.

On Sunday Matt Drudge, the proprietor of the quintessential Drudge Report, tweeted this out:

“Does George Bush have to invade Colorado to make it a Democracy? STUNNING Republicans had NO PRIMARY or CAUCUS. At least Dems are faking it!”

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