Good Grief. Mark Levin Goes #NeverTrump After Bashing #NeverTrump Buffoons TWO DAYS AGO


Just two days ago, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin was bashing the #NeverTrump crowd, saying they would help Hillary get elected this fall.

It didn’t take him very long to change his mind.

Mediaite reports:

‘If They Piss Me Off One More Time…’ Mark Levin Goes #NeverTrump

Mere days after ripping the #NeverTrump movement and calling them “buffoons” for basically agreeing to “passively” help Hillary Clinton, Levin tonight said on his show, “Count me as #NeverTrump.”

What changed?

Well, Donald Trump ally Roger Stone and other Trump supporters have been spreading the claim that because the Senate Conservatives Fund bought a bunch of copies of Levin’s book a few years ago, he’s bought by the establishment. And these kind of tactics are a bridge too far for Levin.

He called Stone a “sleazeball” and expressed his frustration with Trump supporters, Ann Coulter, and certain talk show hosts he didn’t name for pushing “truly pathetic” smears.

Levin declared, “As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump.”

That was quick!


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