Left Wing Salon Claims Hillary’s Email Scandal WILL DERAIL WHITE HOUSE BID

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It’s getting to the point where it’s difficult to tell who dislikes Hillary Clinton more, progressives or conservatives. Many people on the left absolutely despise her.

Take a look at this column from left wing Salon:

Hillary’s world collapsing around her: Wisconsin, Bernie’s surge and FBI probe poised to derail her White House bid

Wisconsin represents more than just Bernie’s sixth straight win, or the likelihood of seven straight wins after Wyoming, right before New York. This political revolution, ignited by Bernie Sanders and fought for by people of all races, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds across the U.S. has been bolstered by political momentum. It’s not current delegate count or prior poll numbers, it’s unprecedented political momentum that will win Sanders the Democratic nomination.

It’s the fact Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be interviewed by the FBI like Clinton, and also the fact Wisconsin has kept political momentum alive at a crucial time in the Democratic Primary race. Since Sanders does better against GOP competition than Clinton, he’ll win the presidency when elected Democratic nominee. Clinton’s “FBI Primary” is around the corner and Wisconsin symbolizes the continuation of something profound.

Had Clinton won Wisconsin, America’s political establishment would have tried to nail the coffin shut on a political movement that is just getting started. Had Bernie lost Wisconsin, the naysayers would gleefully have remarked that ideals and principles are nice, but FBI investigations and Iraq votes define pragmatism. In short, Wisconsin kept the flame alive, despite attempts by DNC and progressive naysayers in the media (you know who they are, the same people who can’t stand H. A. Goodman) to dim the lights.

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Does the Democratic party still believe their base will unite around Hillary if she’s the nominee?

It sure doesn’t look that way.

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