Latest Plot to Take Down Trump=> GOP Elites Scheming to Blacklist Trump Staffers

In March the unhinged #NeverTrump crowd started up a list of conservative supporters of Donald Trump — so that they can blackball these Trump supporters in the future.

The list was initiated by Cruz supporter Amanda Carpenter who suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
amanda carpenter blackballed

Sarah Palin spoke out against this fascist tactic.


Now GOP elites are scheming to blacklist Trump staffers promising to never hire them in future campaigns.
trump hands

Even liberal Salon is speaking out against these disgusting tactics.

The Republican establishment is running out of options. After Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in New York, where he appears to have won nearly every possible delegate, his chances of reaching 1,237 delegates before the convention are far greater. It’s still an uphill climb for the Donald, but so long as Cruz and Kasich are battling it out for the anti-Trump vote, he’s well-positioned.

Mainstream Republicans are increasingly desperate to undercut Trump. Clearly, they can’t do it at the voting booth, and every milquetoast candidate they’ve put before Trump has crumbled. Convention plans are being floated, all of which involve parliamentary tricks designed to open up the nomination process to candidates who didn’t run for president. But that’s a risky strategy. Defying the will of the voters carries a high price, namely their indifference in November.

The latest half-baked attempt to slow Trump’s momentum is to blacklist potential staffers. Politico reported this week that advisers are being warned about the consequences of going “Trumptard,” as one GOP operative put it. “According to interviews with more than a dozen operatives, including several who oppose Trump, some who support him and the leaders of some prominent DC political shops,” Politico reports, “some of those who go to work for Trump face an implicit, and occasionally overt threat: Help Trump, and you’ll never work in this town again.”

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