AMAZING VIDEO=> Killing the US Worker: Michelle Malkin’s Furious Response To Abbott Labs Layoffs (Updated)


Last week marked the end of the road for hundreds of Abbott Labs employees who were laid off, replaced by foreign workers.

To mark the somber occasion, Michelle Malkin joined organizer Sara Blackwell in a small gathering of former Abbott employees and others effected by HB1 assault on American workers.

michelle malkin

Between offshoring of jobs and importing of foreign labor through the HB1 visa program, thousands upon thousands of hard working Americans are being “thrown under the bus” for cheap labor. Frequently, the fired employees are required to train their foreign replacements or face losing their pensions.


Michelle Malkin gave a passionate speech in response to the tangible and all too familiar suffering of the gathered workers.

From the video:

“You hear a lot about social justice on the other side, don’t we? What about the social injustice of demanding that people you’ve given pink slips, train their replacements who will suck up all that knowledge and go back to their home countries? Dig your own graves. It’s like living in a real life horror movie.

Malkin went on to demand “We always hear about Black Lives Matter…American lives matter. American workers matter!

Via Rebel Pundit: 

Filmmakers Jeremy Segal & Andrew Marcus were there to speak with some of the laid-off workers.

Because some of the attendees were still currently employed (training their foreign worker replacements), [they] could not go on the record because they were forced to sign agreements gagging them speaking about their layoffs.

The event was organized by Sara Blackwell, founder of Protect US Workers.

Blackwell warned about the dangers of HB1 abuses:

“Americans don’t understand or know that their data is shared in foreign countries.They don’t know that American jobs are being taken from us through H1B’s and through offshoring”

“This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is American vs anti-American.”

“There are three types of politicians. There’s Senator Sessions. And then there are the politicians who have no clue what’s going on and they don’t care. And then there are the politicians who do know, and they’re bought. That’s all you have. I think that we need a President who cannot be bought.”

UPDATE from Jim Hoft: For the record — Michelle Malkin is a class act and true patriot. She has not endorsed a candidate this election cycle. She likes Ted Cruz but has also said she will gladly endorse Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Michelle and I have a long, incredible alliance together in the blogosphere. Michelle was one of my earliest supporters and when I was ill a couple years back she was the first one to call and send flowers. She celebrated with me when I had recovered. Please respect Michelle Malkin on this website. She is an American original and a wonderful fellow patriot and conservative hero. And she is as spectacular in person as she is on television!
Thank you!

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