IT’S OVER, KIDS=> Even GOP Spox Says Cruz Has No Way of Winning 1,237 Bound Delegates (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is not only outperforming Ted Cruz in the election to date, he also outperforms Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as well.

The election results to date (as of Sunday April 17th) show that Trump outshines all the candidates.

Donald Trump has:


** More primary wins (17)
** More overall state wins (20)
** The highest percentage of primary wins (81% )
** The highest percent of overall state wins (63% )
** The highest percent of primary delegates (65% )
** The highest percent of overall delegates (58% )
** And Trump ties Hillary for the highest percent of overall votes (57% ).

And Donald Trump was competing against 16 primary opponents.
Delegate Count 4-17 RepDelegate Count 4-17 Dem

Ted Cruz is in third place in New York.
He may not win any delegates in the New York primary election – where voters decide the winner.

Today GOP spokesman Sean Spicer admitted that Ted Cruz has no way of getting enough delegates to win the GOP nomination.

Right now the number as you mentioned is 1,237. Donald Trump is the only candidate right now that can get 1,237 bound delegates.”

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