Judge Napolitano on Michelle Fields Case: “Glad” Prosecutor Dropped This- “Not All Touching Is a Crime”

michelle fields corey

Judge Andrew Napolitano told America’s Newsroom he was glad the Florida court did not proceed to charge Corey Lewandowski with battery assault against Michelle Fields.

This is not the place for law enforcement or the criminal justice system. Not every unconsented to touching is a crime. You’re in a crowd. Somebody wants to get past you that is something you expect in that environment. I don’t know if she had any permanent injury. She had a bruise but that is probably not sufficient for a civil lawsuit but I’m happy that the prosecutor dropped this. Taking the politics out. The prosecutor is a Hillary Clinton supporter. Michelle Fields is a journalist. Donald Trump is running for president. Corey Lewandowski works for Donald Trump. Just looking at it legally, it’s not a criminal case.

From the beginning Napolitano thought Fields was “out on a tree.” The judge also noted that Fields would have a difficult time if she filed a civil suit against Trump or Lewandowski.

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