John Kerry Visits Hiroshima in Preparation For OBAMA’S APOLOGY TOUR PART II?

John Kerry PT

John Kerry visited Hiroshima, Japan this week and many people think his trip is a test run for Obama who will ultimately go there to apologize for America’s actions in World War II.

Michelle Malkin writes at Conservative Review:

Malkin: John Kerry in Hiroshima: Apology Tour Redux?

Apparently intent on maintaining his record as the Secretary of State with the most frequent flyer miles, John Kerry is now in Hiroshima, Japan. On Monday, he will become the highest ranking U.S official to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where he’ll pay tribute to the Japanese people killed as a result of the U.S. atomic bomb attack in August 1945. The trip is widely viewed as a “test run” for a similar trip by President Obama later this year.

According to the UK Guardian, Kerry and other G7 foreign ministers will “feel how precious peace really is” and “learn about the immediate aftermath of the bombing, and how the city has transformed itself since the end of the war.”

So the ministers will learn about the immediate aftermath of the bombing, but not what led up to it. No mention will be made, it is safe to presume, of Japan’s invasion of Manchuria, its slaughter of millions of Chinese and other Asian civilians, its sneak attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor (launched before Japan delivered a declaration of war to the U.S.), the barbaric Bataan Death March, deplorable treatment of Allied soldiers and sailors at its POW camps, rape of Korean “comfort women,” or stubborn refusal to surrender even after the bombing of Hiroshima. Japanese leaders refused to surrender until nine days later — after the U.S. dropped a second atomic bomb and the Soviet Union entered the war against Japan.

If Obama does go to Japan and apologizes for WWII, will anyone be surprised?

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