Howard Stern Schools His Anti-Gun Producer On THE 2ND AMENDMENT (VIDEO)

Howard Stern

When most people hear the name Howard Stern they think of strippers and bathroom humor. However avid listeners know he’s actually a staunch defender of constitutional rights.

From his support of the free market and Israel to his defense of the Bill of Rights (especially the 1st amendment) Howard can be surprisingly conservative at times.

A great example of this took place recently.


The issue of gun control came up on his Sirius-Xm radio show last week.

His long time producer Gary Dell’Abate (aka Bababooey) came into the studio to advocate for massive gun control.

Dell’Abate, who is a long time Clintonista, called for limits on the number of guns and amount of ammunition that citizens can possess.
(Image: Dell’Abate and Bill Clinton)

Stern launched into a full on common sense defense of the 2nd Amendment sending bababooey back to his office with his tail between his legs.

Check out the epic exchange in the video below.


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