Hillary Clinton Admits The Job Market Stinks But BLAMES GEORGE W. BUSH (VIDEO)

Hillary blames Bush

Hasn’t Obama been president for the last eight years? You’d never know it by listening to Hillary Clinton. While campaigning in Wisconsin last week, she acknowledged voter anger over the lousy economy and job market but instead of holding Obama responsible, she blamed George W. Bush who left office almost a decade ago.

Here’s a partial transcript:

There is a lot of frustration, and frankly a lot of anger. Many people are feeling left out and left behind in our great country. And they’re looking for answers and I don’t blame them one bit.

We need more good jobs with rising incomes because we fell back the last 15 years because of the terrible economic policies of George W, Bush.

Watch the video:

Under Obama, over 11 million Americans have left the workforce completely. For Hillary Clinton to blame Bush is not only inaccurate, it’s a desperate lie.

At some point, Obama must be held responsible for his disastrous policies.



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