FLASHBACK: Watch Hillary Clinton Endorse A HUGE TAX ON GUNS (VIDEO)

Hillary gun tax pic

Hillary Clinton has been pushing greater gun control for years. What do you think she’ll do if she finally becomes president of the United States?

Check out this video from The Federalist:

Watch Hillary Clinton Endorse A Massive 25 Percent Tax On Guns

In a U.S. Senate Finance Committee meeting in 1993, Hillary Clinton was asked if she would endorse a nationwide 25 percent sales tax on guns.

“I am all for that,” Clinton said in response to a question from then-Senator Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), “I just don’t know what else we’re going to do to try and figure out how to get some handle on this violence.”

The plan would have also slapped a $2,500 license fee on all gun dealers, whom Bradley called “purveyors of violence.”

Here’s the video:


The left wants to take away the right of Americans to own guns.

If Hillary wins in November, watch her finally do it.


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