Here’s Proof That Bernie Sanders Supporters Are BEING PAID TO PROTEST TRUMP

Bernie supporters paid to protest

The vicious and unethical left will stop at nothing to prevent a Republican from winning the election in November.

Organizers who are conveniently unaffiliated with the official Bernie Sanders campaign are even paying people to protest at Trump events.

Zero Hedge reported:


The New Part-Time Job: “Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally”

For those wondering why Trump rallies tend to devolve to pugilistic matches, where even belligerent 15-year-old protesting (or perhaps “provocative” is a better word) girls end up getting pepper sprayed much to the media’s fascination, the answer is Craig’s List ads such as the one below, in which allegedly “I’m feelin’ the Bern”-affiliated organizers provide paid positions for protesters at Trump rallies, and which provide not only shuttle buses, parking, and signs (as well as time cards) but also hand out $15/hour (as a “part-time employment”) for said protest activity “due to the economic inequality.”

Bernie Supporters paid to protest 2

Well that’s one way to cover the “minimum wage.”

This particular ad has since been removed by its author, although as the Daily Caller recently pointed out, this is a recurring pattern as anti-Trump protesters openly admit answering Craigslist ads and getting paid to protest at Trump rallies.

The media is not reporting this because they’re on the same side as the protesters.

Instead of telling the truth, they blame any act of violence at a Trump event on Trump and his supporters, rather than the goons who are being paid to create problems.


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