HANNITY: There Will Be No Contested Convention – Things Are Happening Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity went on Your World with Neil Cavuto today to discuss his dust up with Senator Ted Cruz.

hannity cavuto

During the interview Hannity dropped this bomb — There won’t be a contested convention… There are things happening behind the scenes.

Neil Cavuto: And you think either Cruz or Trump, maybe Kasich, you think if we go to multiple ballots with those two guys, Cruz or Trump. The argument is if Trump doesn’t go on first ballot he’s not going to get it. Do you agree with that?

Sean Hannity: I don’t think we’re going to get there. That’s my opinion.

Neil Cavuto: And you think Trump will have enough delegates going in?

Sean Hannity: (Pause) Umm… I think there are things happening behind the scenes that nobody knows about.

Neil Cavuto: You can whisper if you want. Go ahead and whisper.

Sean Hannity: You sound like Connie Chung. It’s just between the two of us and 15 million people. I think what you’re going to see, and I don’t know what the partnerships will be. But, certainly Marco Rubio is going to play a part here. Certainly John Kasich is going to play a part here. So, I think you might see alliances converging before we even get to a convention.

Donald Trump currently has more delegates than Ted Cruz and John Kasich combined.
gop count
Any delegate sharing to top 1,237 would have to include Donald Trump.



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