Steven Crowder Creates Transgender Parody Of I’M JUST A BILL (VIDEO)

Crowder Just a Bill

In response to the controversy over North Carolina’s efforts to keep men out of girls’ bathrooms, Steven Crowder has created a parody of the classic Schoolhouse Rock video “I’m Just a Bill.”

Here’s a description from his website:

‘I’m Just a Bill’ (Schoolhouse Rock Transgender Parody)

Men and women are different. They have different reproductive parts. Different hormones. Therefore they’ve tended to use different bathrooms. Different locker rooms. Because, well… they’re different! But what about those gender-confused individuals who aren’t quite sure if they’re a Tommy or a Tammy? What happens to them? Fortunately we found one brave Bill, who would journey to the capitol to become Jill. Thank you, Schoolhouse Rock!

Watch the video:


This will obviously be labeled as hate by the left but it’s pretty funny.

Progressives don’t realize that most of the country isn’t on board with their campaign of transgender mania.


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