“Whiteness” Speaker Reveals True Goal: Eliminating White People

vlcsnap-2016-04-14-18h54m26s14As “whiteness history month” progresses at Portland Community College, the question that has been posed over and over is “how do we dismantle whiteness?”

Well, during one of the sessions on Tuesday, April 12th, the speaker accidentally let it slip that getting rid of white people is the answer.

A participant began talking about her mom: “My mom is white, and she has three mixed race children, and uhmm, i was just thinking, like, just by having mixed race children, and like, having been married to a black man, in a lot of ways, she, like, gave up some of the white privilege.” To which the speaker answered “Right… And that kind of connects to my question, how can we dismantle white privilege


This is after PCC history professor, James Harrison, took heat after saying that the world will never see peace as long as “whiteness” exists, in a presentation called “Imagine A World Without Whiteness”.

Earlier in the session, they pondered all of the “unearned advantages” that some people have, which include being not disabled, speaking English, “handedness”, not having any dietary restrictions, being good looking, being part of a dominant religion, having long arms, gender, sexuality, and of course being white is an unearned advantage.

The woman who starts talking at around the 2:20 mark, about Puerto Rico and English, is Rut Martinez-Alicea, the same one who was defending black rapists in a previous video.

This was a workshop centered around an article that Peggy McIntosh wrote in 1988 entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack”. Here is what the presenter handed out at this particular event:

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