TRUMP Leads FOX News New York State Poll with 54% Support – Ted “New York Values” Cruz is Third

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Donald Trump continues to rule the Empire State in the latest FOX News poll. Trump has 54% support followed by Kasich with 22% and Cruz in third with only 15% of the vote.

Trump leads all GOP candidates with 49% of female voters.
FOX News reported:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have double-digit leads in the race for their party’s nominations in New York.

Trump’s advantage is widespread in the Republican contest. A new Fox News poll finds he leads among men, women, every age group, every income group, and among those with a college degree and those without.

Clinton’s the top choice among Democrats, as Bernie Sanders is only able to take the lead among younger voters and men.

First, the Republicans: Trump dominates with 54 percent support among likely GOP primary voters. John Kasich garners 22 percent and Ted Cruz is third with 15 percent.

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