Sarah Palin Reminds Wisconsin: Ted Cruz Says One Thing, Then Hands Out Gift Baskets and Soccer Balls to Illegals

Ted Cruz likes to copy Donald Trump.
He’s changed his immigration plan and now says he wants a border wall.
He says.

But less than two years ago he was handing out gift baskets and soccer balls to illegals at the border.
cruz gift baskets border
Ted Cruz hands out gift baskets to illegal aliens at the Texas border in 2014.

Friday in Milwaukee former Governor Sarah Palin reminded the Republican audience of Senator Ted Cruz’s weak and opportunistic immigration position.


Palin also told them about how Cruz seduces immigrants into America with gift baskets and soccer balls.
The Conservative Treehouse reported:

Speaking on behalf of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin gave a speech last night to a Wisconsin Republican audience. Standing firmly on a platform of truth, Palin warned the mostly party (establishment) audience their decision to stand with deception in order to win an election also means placing themselves in a very precarious position…

…Whenever anyone dares to tell the collective: ‘the emperor stands naked’; there’s a particular kind of autonomic group nervousness immediately evident. A group discomfort.

Such was the discomfort when Sarah Palin mentioned Senator Ted Cruz’s weak and opportunistic immigration position, and then contrast a real-life example of Cruz going to McAllen Texas (Saturday, July 19th 2014) to hand out “gift baskets” and welcome illegal alien families.

You could hear a pin-drop as an entire audience sat jaw-agape in disbelief.

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